Studio Martorelli, born from the professional experience of the two owners, Damiano and Lucia Martorelli, has been actively working since 2008 in multidisciplinary fields, from corporate production contexts to artistic / cultural contexts, in the areas of analysis, organization and management. Our experience has been acquired in the field in Austrian and Italian reality, proposing tailor-made solutions.

We believe in independence. Here at Studio Martorelli we believe that every solution requires professionalism and accuracy. Not only that: also a constant independence of judgment in paying attention to changes, for example in the market and/or regulations.
And it is not enough just to have a look at the "home garden": Italy is increasingly inserted in an international context in constant evolution, both from an economic and geopolitical point of view. Knowing how to interpret current phenomena also in the light of history, culture, and technological and economic factors at a global level becomes decisive for being able to face tomorrow's challenges.

We believe in respecting the rules. From the lived experience of the owners of Studio Martorelli, nationally and internationally, we know that too many players in the market behave like captains of fortune or pirates.
The rules are the basis for the proper functioning of every aspect of the social body. In our opinion, standards are not an "enemy" to be circumvented, but a business opportunity.